When government transportation units are planning high-volume rail vehicles, safety requirements include the use of non-combustible materials such as waterproof, fire-resistant, and anti-corrosion, and the surface of the interior materials of the carriage should be easy to clean and not be affected by detergents and graffiti solvents. In terms of functions, the information broadcasting systems are to provide passengers with the information needed. Long-distance screens must be connected in series and the screen must be kept clear, and construction wiring and maintenance are facing challenges. Aiming at the construction of the information broadcasting system in each carriage, its functional and safety requirements, and the ease of construction and maintenance, ARISTA provides three solutions to meet different needs.


In a train or MRT carriage, factory production lines, airports, indoor amusement parks, etc., each station must be equipped with digital signage and play the same content, such as production/efficiency/downtime information, or information about the arrival of trains and the queuing status of various amusement park facilities.

Transmitter and Receiver applied to digital signage on the train

 The KVM extender with separate TX and RX is adopted, and the wiring is the most complicated. A station needs to be equipped with three devices (Display, TX, RX)

Daisy Chain Usage Scenarios

With the KVM Extender that combines TX and RX, the wiring is slightly simplified. But in addition to the position of the display, space where the KVM Extender is placed must be reserved.


Connection Diagram



Just one cable to connect with each other. Maintain, repair, deploy so easily.




In the pharmaceutical industry, high reliability and stability are crucial. ARISTA‘s products guarantee a long product life cycle of 5-7 years, which allowing pharmaceutical manufactures not to worry about revalidating the replacement in the critical manufacturing process.
ARISTA also has a Revision Control mechanism. In the event of a product design modification or part replacement takes place, we will notify our customers about the product revision and let them decide whether to conduct a test for the new version.
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