ARISTA offers a wide choice of secure and cost-effective ThinManager Ready Thin Clients that deliver reliable virtualization solutions

For improving processes and allowing resources to be more productive, a thin client in a manufacturing environment is an ideal platform to deliver versatile benefits. Manufacturing operations at times get stuck due to IT setup; this often leads to downtime and waste of resources. Thin client technology is developed to resolve such conflicts and provide a mature approach for processes to be conducted efficiently.

Thin clients are a cost-effective solution providing manufacturing users with a safe and reliable environment. Their implementation with ThinManager Ready hardware ensures that it complements the manufacturing work environment and allows them to organize their process more efficiently; they reduce overall hardware issues with an improved response time. Moreover, its installation is quite simple and does not interfere with existing work processes. With a thin client surroundings, users are able to work in a collaborative environment with remote sharing and centralized access to information.



Thin clients provide lot of flexibility and managing options for our users:


Lower-operational cost

Thin clients eliminate the stress of setting up a full-fledged workstation. Since all the computing is done on servers, machines do not require much energy to operate. This contributes to an overall cost reduction. Moreover, thin clients are very easy to integrate into almost every application or business process and do not require additional training.


Centralized management

With a thin client set-up only software-level protection is required, security is required on the server level since entire data is stored on it. Additional heavy-duty security is not required for workstations and other devices. This significantly reduces the effort and time required in setting up workstations and working with every single machine in case of downtime.



Thin clients can be integrated into almost every industry, areas like manufacturing, healthcare, or finance which needs utmost accuracy can rely on the thin client without any second thoughts. With several functionalities involving customization, users have improved and high-end performance at all levels.


Limitations and challenges

While there are plenty of reasons of use and upgrade to thin clients, some limitations are also part of the setup. As discussed above thin clients perform majority of work on a server and the response is lower if compared to traditional thick client set up. Moreover, thin clients require strong and reliable network connection to perform therefore; any kind of network lag issues can affect the “clients”. To ensure that there is absolutely no hindrance in the process while using thin clients it is essential to maintain a strong network connection and servers should be located as near as possible.



ARISTA Thin Clients Solutions

Considering complex needs of the manufacturing industry and automation, ARISTA thin client range is wide and offers technology-driven great features, which are designed for maximum uptime and noiseless operation and ideal for a myriad range of industries. Upgrade, improve, and secure your existing business process with our perfectly designed fanless thin clients, engineered to work-well with complex processes. ARISTA thin clients are easy to combine with existing systems with remote management, space-saving design, malware-resistant, and enhanced user-experience.






Control Room Thin Clients


Thin Clients for Visualization

ARISTA HDMI output Thin Client AP-3500-H01 and 4K resolution HDMI output Thin Client BoxPC-203-G01-00F, were designed to deliver utmost control room visualization performance, ideal for use in crisis centers, transportation, network operation, security monitoring, broadcast, mining/oil/gas manufacturing and many more. With ARISTA Multi-Monitor Thin Clients, users have the ease of monitoring processes in an efficient and ergonomic way.


Thin Client supports 4K UHD Display

4K UHD (ultra high definition) is ideal for 24/7 active visual operations in a critical control room environment. It offers real-time accuracy and efficiency with multiple-screens or displays. ARISTA's supports Virtual Screens, it allows screen to divide in separate display sections with multi-monitor functionality on a single physical 4K UHD LCD display monitor. There are 1920 x 1080 pixels for each section when 4K UHD LCD monitor is split into quad view and each section represents a Full HD screen supporting up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.


Multi-Monitor Thin Client – Drives up to five monitors from a single client

ARISTA BoxPC-138-G01-00D Multi-Monitor Thin Client allows you to connect up to five displays from a single Thin Client and span single application across several monitors, which offers the ability to expand number of sessions and can be simultaneously viewed from any designated work station. The thin client solution minimizes the use of desktop space and let administrators use independent displays that best fits the workplace needs. Users can use two adjacent monitors to span a single session while two other monitors can be used to display sessions running on other servers.




Industrial Thin Clients



Microbox-7824B-E Series is powered by Intel Celeron J1900 @ 1.99GHz / Atom E3845 @ 1.91GHz CPU with upto 8GB system memory. Its exciting feature enables uninterruptible operation—the optional external smart battery can function as a UPS, and trigger the MicroBox-7824B to shut down its Windows Operating System when a power outage occurs.

Microbox-7824B-E Series has ACP ThinManager Ready version available for industrial virtualization. Thin client is the way to be cost-effective deployment, centralized management in one place, and multitasking in one time.



VESA Mount Thin Client Panel PCs







Hazardous Areas C1D2 Thin Client Panel PCs


ARISTA offers a wide range of panel mount and fully sealed TPC, ARP2200AP-G01 Series, ARP-3821AX-E01-006-C1D2, and ARP-5500AX-E01 Series, are designed for environments where the existence of flammable gases, vapors and combustible dust. These substances may be present in the air during an abnormal occurrence such as a spill or a leak. These products can prevent ignition when they are used in hazardous areas.


ARP-2200AP-G01 Series is Panel Mount TPC products family and ARP5500AX-E01 is stainless steel fully sealed, fully enclosed TPC which has no external vents hence protect the components from gases, dust, dirt, moisture, chemicals, oil, and other external contaminants in an explosive environment. Both series are powered by Intel i7 CPU and integrated LCD display size ranging from 15", 17", 19" to 21.5". Powered by Intel i7 CPU and up to 16GB system memory and can run on Windows 64-bit operating system to meet most of SCADA/HMI applications. ARP-2221AP-G01 with 21.5-inch Wide Screen , 16:9 aspect ratio, full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution keeps ARISTAs Class 1 Division 2 hazardous zone TPC ahead of market trend.


Both ARP-2200AP-G01 and ARP-5500AX-E01 Series have ACP-enabled Thin Client version as well. ARP-2200AP-G01 and ARP-5500AX-E01 Series ACPenabled Thin Client version offers centralized management solutions for the factory floor, plant operational, and hazardous area locations, so you may find 19-inch ARP-5519AX-E01-006-C1D2 can prevent combustible dust explosion with its UL C1D2 of approved configuration.




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