IEEE 802.3bt Type 3/4 capability makes the power to drive computers possible

August 2, 2021

ARISTA Corporation, a global provider of the computing platform and KPI visualization for production automation in numerous industries, is pleased to announce that the company has added PoE (Power over Ethernet) powered device (PD) capability to its waterproof stainless steel Thin Clients and Terminal Workstations. While PoE has been widely deployed in security cameras, wireless access points, IP (Internet Protocol) phones, etc., it has not been deployed in computers due to their substantial power consumption.
Thanks to technological advancements in PoE, new IEEE 802.3bt type 3 and type 4 versions can deliver 60W and 90W of power respectively. IEEE 802.3bt now makes it possible to power all-in-one computers. ARISTA has created PoE PD versions of its ARP-5500AX, ARP-3821AX, and AMA terminal workstations, which can be powered by either IEEE 802.3bt type 3 or type 4 switches or by IEEE 802.3bt type 3 or type 4 PoE injectors.
With powered by PoE capability, the ARISTA ARP-5500AX, ARP-3821AX, and AMA terminal workstations can be installed in locations where a traditional power source is not readily available. Most importantly, this new PoE PD capability dramatically reduces the considerable amount of work and expense necessary to install suitable power sources for the computers and terminal workstations on the plant floor. The ARISTA ARP-5500AX, ARP-3821AX, and AMA terminal workstations offer a variety of LCD display sizes, including 15-inches, 17-inches, 19-inches, and 21-inches—with display aspect ratio/resolutions encompassing 4:3/ 1024 x 768, 5:4/1280 x 1024, to 16:9/ 1920 x 1080.
Depending on the model, the products are available with either a 5-wire resistive touch option for those who prefer to activate the touch by pressure or a projective capacitive touch option for use in areas where latex gloves are frequently worn. These systems are available in two configurations: a ThinManager Ready version and a Windows 10 setup. Both configurations incorporate an Intel E3845 1.91GHz ATOM CPU. ARISTA AMA terminal workstations are available with three different keyboard options to meet various operation and sterilization requirements.
Paul Shu, President of ARISTA Corporation, commented on the company’s addition of IEEE 802.3bt type 3 and type 4 PoE capability to select computer systems, “The ability to power computer systems such as our ARP-5500AX, ARP-3821AX, and AMA terminal workstations with the new IEEE 802.3bt type 3 and type 4 standards opens the doors for powering computer systems in a new, much easier and less expensive manner. In the process, it makes the availability of computers in the manufacturing environment easier than what was previously possible. I’m confident that floor production managers will find much to like.”
To learn more about the Arista products supporting IEEE 802.3bt type 3 and type 4 PoE, visit or call ARISTA Corporation at (510) 226-1800.

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